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Hello, I am a freshman at a semi target school in the NW. I have an extensive network that I have developed through (quite surprisingly) the automotive industry. Long story short my uncle had nice cars that I had access to through high school and I was able to meet amazing people through that. I believe I will be able to graduate with a 3.6+ and I have connections to MD's, VP's, hedge-fund managers, and people in nearly any level in any part of the finance industry. I am also adored by professors and have taken on high amounts of responsibility within the various organizations at my school that concern finance. I am in a big fish small pond sort of situation if that makes sense, I stand out well. I would like some insight on what my chances are of realistically obtaining a position at a BB would be considering all the opportunities I have created for myself. Will my school really drag me down that much if it's not a target? Just would like some input and seeing that I am new to WSO would love some people to talk more about his sort of thing with. Thanks!

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Seattle University is definitely a non-target for IB. That said, the network will be key here. Definitely reach out to those people in the fall of your sophomore year, or even the smaller firms to see if they would take you for this summer or next summer. The more experience you can get the better.

3.6 is not really good enough to stand out at a non-target - I would aim for a 3.8, at least early on. Take easy classes next semester to boost your GPA if needed.

As for BB chances, it really depends if these connections you have are 1. at BBs and 2. in the IB division. For example, someone at GS who is an MD in operations or risk probably can't help you too much. But plenty of non-targets do break in, you just have to network your ass off and send a lot of cold emails. There's plenty of networking guides here so I won't rehash them, but start networking sophomore fall.


Thank you loads man, I’ll definitely focus on networking even more than I do. Regarding the classes and grades I think I’ll have to just give it more effort I currently have a 3.8 and am hoping to maintain it. 


Chances are definitely not good but you should definitely try your best. Also sprinkling in some humility will help


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