Madrid MIF - CUNEF vs. UC3M

Hello everyone!

I have been accepted into both the masters in finance program at UC3M in Madrid and the master in international finance at CUNEF. I am a EEA citizen and my plan is to stay in Madrid after graduating. I want to hear your opinions on which program to choose in order to have the highest chance of landing a job within finance in the Spanish capital.  If there are any alumni from either school working in high finance I would be interested to hear your experiences. 

Thank you very much in advance.


If you can afford it I think CUNEF has a slight edge above UC3M in terms of brand/placement. However, I would honestly say that neither of these masters are really strong, the brand for both CUNEF and UC3M sits more on their undergrad degrees than on their masters. If you decide to finally attend one of these I would recommend you to push hard on the networking, both schools have a good alumni network (CUNEF's better but UC3M is on the rise), in order to get interviews in IB or whatever you are pursuing.

I think ESADE and IE are better options in Spain, and if you could afford it I would definitely go abroad (HEC,LSE,LBS...), those places are really worth your money. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask, I did my undergrad in Madrid and I know the scene well


I´m finishing my undergraduate at a public university in Spain and next year I´ll be doing the MSc Finance at RSM. Do you think it will be possible to land a job in Spain after the master´s degree? I´m not sure if I want to return to Spain but i want to know if i have a chance of landing a job here or if it will be impossible. 


Yes, ofc with an RSM degree you can go back to Spain. It all depends on your profile, language skills and internships.


Personally, I think that CUNEF is much better than UC3M in terms of placement if you don´t have prior experience. I also think that UC3M tuiton fees are quite expensive for a public university in Spain.


I did the UC3M MIF a few years ago, currently A2 at a European IB in Madrid. Not impossible to break into IB from this master but challenging given it still doesn’t have the same brand as e.g. Bocconi, HEC, etc. I would say from the usual class of 30-40 students, max 2-4 get into IB depending on the promo. From mine, I was probably the only one, rest went to CF, risk management, markets, consulting. At the end it all comes down to how hard you are doing networking and preparing interviews.


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