Edgemont Partners 2021 - Thoughts?

Hi everyone, it would be great to great to know how Edgemont Partners is viewed in 2021. It would also be great to hear about their comp, exit opps, etc.

I think it would also be interesting to hear how they compare to other HC IB teams such as Baird, MTS Health Partners, SVB Leerink, TripleTree, Torreya, etc.

Pay is above street I believe. Solid HC shop. They had a former head of CS there before and they poached the head of M&A HC from BMO. Generally compete with other MM shops. Talked to some people there and they were nice, seems overall like a strong shop. I heard pharma services is strong there as well. You can search them up here and read some other stuff.

Thanks for your answer! I'm in a position where I'm looking at TripleTree's NY team vs Edgemont Partners, do you have any thoughts?

Avoid if at all possible. Have a friend who worked there (only because they had a terrible time with recruiting and received no other offers so it was a last resort) and the place is a joke. Deals are generally small, they pitch a ton and whoever is telling you they compete with Jefferies and the like is seriously misinformed. The things I have heard make me surprised that they are still in business - so unprofessional.

Pay also below street. As of a year ago, A1 base was $70k, no signing bonus, low YE bonuses. 

Look up some old threads on the subject and you will see similar sentiments from others. 

Someone I mentored from a couple years younger through FT recruiting landed an offer there. They did bump base to 85k, no signing bonus even when asked (HR tried justifying by giving an example of someone moving across the country after speaking with the founders and buying into the vision- what a red flag for being cheap and not caring about juniors, similar to what people in slimy sales environments say?)I checked out their website 1-2 years ago and it seems they have some decent deals, actually. Some well known sponsor-related portco roll ups.Not a bad place to get experience, but the analysts there from what I was told all looked like shit (when I saw their photos online I couldn't stop laughing at how every single person, even the bus dev and BO people looked sleep deprived LMAO) and were pulling really bad hours.If it's your only option it's not bad. Don't look at 'liking the analysts' as a sign to take the offer over somewhere else, because analysts are usually cool everywhere (with the appropriate caveat). Just look at this company for what it is (and doesn't hide it) trying to milk you like you're a human robot and if you treat the relationship the same way, lateral in 3-12 months, then you should be able to spin the experience positively.If you have other options, I'd look there first. TripleTree is at least a more recognizable name in the space. The fact that Edgemont did that thing where they fired analysts and stiffed them their bonuses during covid is unforgivable to me. And then rehiring randoms. At least bigger / better names (even if they would) have a reputation to protect.

Saw posts like this about Edgemont during my recruiting and was pretty hesitant but ended up finding out that these types of gripes against them seem completely untrue. Besides interviews, had a ton of conversations with current and former employees, culture seems great. Yeah, seems like people work a lot but it’s IB and they’ve had record deal flow and HC M&A is really hot rn. Also, that comp number of 85 base doesn’t even make sense for an IB analyst in NYC anymore, especially since the stuff came out about GS analysts about being overworked, anyone that hasn’t bumped their pay up significantly is falling behind. Base is at or above street (depends on if you compare against BBs or other MM HC shops) and a signing bonus. Don’t know anything about year end bonuses but, again, with the GS ripple effect on analyst salaries, probably not going to have a good idea on street bonuses until January.

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