help!! playing hard-to-get with goldman sach is not working???!!?

well guys everyone know that best way to get a girlfriend is play hard-to-get and not show to much interest. well i was notified that gold man sach wanted to have me interview with them for TMT job. and i really want it so i think to myself "why not play hard to get with gold man sach"?!? so i say to myself "this plan foolproof".

so when i go to interview with them i make sure to not dress up to much. so the interview is going on and they ask "why do you think you are good fit for gold man sach?" i think to myself, this my chance. so i say "ehh you are not the best offer i have so if i get the tmt job i dont care" well they looked shocked and surprised. so i think "it must be working" so i had some other good ideas. everyone know that girls like confident men so when they explain that i start off as analyst i say "oh no no. i better start as vp because i am 2 good to be anaylst." well they laugh and i say "i serious." and not long after that they say "well we will let you know our decision" and the man leaned over to shake my hand and i just look at it and walk away without shaking it because i was playing hard-to get.

well guys that was in 2009 and i still have not heard from them on when i should start my job?????? i am thinking the mail is going really slow or maybe they write down wrong e-mail address??? should i visit them again and ask when do i start?? maybe bring flowers??



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