Hours Post-COVID WFH

Curious to hear everyone's opinion on this. Other threads have mentioned that the hours are worse, but I've found that my overall day is more intense too. For example, before COVID, I would not really have work until 9:30/10am unless it was a rare occasion. My day would end at a variable time everyday (whenever things get done from 11pm to 2/3am). Nowadays, I have calls scheduled from 8-10 frequently and when there isn't a call people start calling/emailing with comments expectation being that you work on them ASAP. I once decided to shower / eat breakfast / morning routine after taking a call from someone with comments. The "break" took about 35min. They called back 35min later and were pretty annoyed that it wasn't done yet. I've since stopped picking up when they call so they send me email comments which I've found I can at least just wait 20-30min to respond to and they seem OK with it. I wish I could say this is just one person, but this seems to be pretty consistent across all the teams I work on at our firm. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this? I work at an EB (LAZ / EVR / CRV).

Before someone sends me the hardo comment, I'm not staying in banking and I don't really care if not picking up a phone call at 9am when a deal isn't serious has a "long-term impact" on my career. Anyone who thinks like that isn't someone I'd ever want to interact with again.

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