How should i prove myself? My story about motivation and how to proceed.


This is my first post her on WSO. I have been shadowing threads here for a year but I figured out it is time to reach out for advice.

My story:

I graduated from a MSF programme this past June. Ever since I started my bachelor degree I had my initial goal set for the aviation industry and I initially picked my Msc Finance degree to be able to leverage the somewhat quantitative skills in order to break into aviation revenue management. Throughout my university time, however, I realised that Corporate Finance and Investment Banking seemed very interesting but stubborn as I was I did not admit this to myself, but rather kept to my initial dream even though it faded.

As of now, I have been able to get a MO/BO role at a BB (since October) and this job drains me of vitality. I have started to get depressed and feel that I have so much more to give, both intellectually and socially. I feel like I am not able to reach my full potential.

This past year I have reached out to several shops as well as Big 4 with limited success. I have been able to get a few interviews, and at the last shop I was one among a handfull to get to the final stage but it did not go the whole way.

I am trying to grind this out and keep motivation high. During a normal day I go to the gym at 6am. I get to work and when I get home I usually do 2hrs of financial modelling training and write my daily diary about market events. But how should I prove myself for prospective employers when I in fact do not have relevant experience for IB/CF? How do I translate my motivation into tangible value when I compete with many people who are more qualified (on paper). I had this idea that I could monitor credentials of boutiques and do my own valuation and attach my own case study based on this, would this make me stand out?

I take full responsibility for my situation, but I am done dwelling on past decisions. It is a sunk cost and I will do my best to move towards my goal in an persistent, yet a smart way.


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