I regret going for an MBA

I'm a current MBA student. I went for an MBA because I thought it'd open up some opportunities to advance a career in finance. I applied to one school and got in. I wasn't going to bother trying the M7 schools, or semi-target schools for that matter, as I knew I wasn't going to get in. I'm being told by so many people that going for an MBA at a school that isn't a top 20 is completely worthless - especially if I'm looking to start my career. I don't know what to do. The whole point of this MBA was to get into finance. Recruiters are swiping left on me. I'm doing very well there, I like the curriculum a lot; it's challenging and genuinely engaging. But I only went for it for the opportunities I thought would ensue. What should I do? Would it make me look bad if I drop out?

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Y'know, I've heard you say twice that you're "Not gonna bother with X", maybe if you started trying every avenue available, regardless of how remote, you'd get a little traction.

Your move right now is to network your fucking ass off. You need to reach out to any and all alumni from your program and UG alma mater on the street (get a linkedin subscription) and set up phone calls and coffee chats. Recruiting is largely over, but you may be able to find a small regional bank that is willing to take you on. Again, this is a shotgun approach, you will convert 1 out of 20 "reach outs", but if you try hard and know your shit when you go into the coffee chat, you might just make something happen.


I'm sorry to hear that you're struggling with your decision. For what it's worth, I think you'll be fine, especially in the long-run. Commit to focusing on the aspects of the program that you enjoy and finding local opportunities with regional platforms. These firms may be more likely to have just-in-time availability.

Use LinkedIn and your University's Career Development Office to identify alumni at firms such as Sun Trust, Harris Williams, BlackArch, and Raymond James and be proactive and professional in your reach out. You may be pleasantly surprised with some of the responses that you receive and one of these platforms may be "the spot" for you and your career.

Should these platforms not have availability, maybe consider local or regional boutiques that specialize in restructuring? There will certainly be hiring needs for this in the near-term.

Remember, two things:

  1. You can always lateral
  2. Your career is a long journey

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