I want to work in investment banking in the US but I am from South Africa. I am 22 by the way.

I am a recent law graduate, LLB in South Africa. In University I developed a deep love for finance and entrepreneurship. I want to go into investment banking so that one day many years in the future I can become a top level MD or even start my own investment bank. Thing is I am not sure if I will able to work in America and if anyone would hire me. Our education system is vastly different and I am not sure which qualifications I would need to qualify as an investment banking analyst. 

In South Africa with have (I believe) Citi and Bank of America as some of the international investment banks in SA. My original plan was to try and work for them then somehow get transferred to the US. I am not sure if that is even possible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.


i agree that mba would be both the easiest and most realistic path to breaking into "wall street" for you; unless you're at London or maybe singapore/HK (even then you have to be lucky), moving offices to NY HQs will not be easy especially when you don't have a degree from a US school

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Agree with this, US MBA (M7 or M15) is the best idea. You'll need excellent test scores and some work experience, just a law degree won't do much. Working at a US brand in the South Africa office would certainly be helpful for that, can work on your MBA application while you get some experience.

It's very hard to get transferred from South Africa to the US as you won't be in a comparable division to IB, and most of the local offices in Africa focus on that market so your experience won't be that transferable. South Africa -> London is likely more doable if you're not set on the US.


network with a few people in the industry via linkedin, then go for coffee. After they agree, just sing wakka wakka by shakira so they can understand you on a personal level

If they try escorting you out, claim you have diplomatic immunity and demand an internship


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