Morgan Stanley Toronto

Any information on the culture and type of work done at the Morgan Stanley office in Toronto?

They seem to be recruiting for an associate and a VP. Find recruiting for the latter to be a bit of an interesting one since open recruiting for VP-level up seems to be rare in Toronto.


I dont find the VPs there to be competent, tbh. I've interacted w/t a couple of extensively in the past. Obviously can't take names


Don’t know too much about the group but some of the best “exposure” in Toronto (sector wise). Basically all of Canadian banking is natural resources focused but MS Toronto gets their fair share of other deals (Penn/Score comes to mind off the top of my head) some not so recent deals would be like Onex/Westjet as well. Not too familiar with VP comp but would assume AN/ASO in line with MS comp though you’re getting paid cad.


The issue with MS Toronto is that a very large portion of their non-natural resources deals in Canada are led/executed by US teams. Sure, there may be a Toronto MD/VP on for support, but the vast majority of the work is done by the US team. TheScore was primarily led by the REGL team in the US. The Canacccord team was toronto based though


Gotcha - this makes sense to me appreciate the colour. Would probably be good as a junior looking to exit though cause at least maybe you get some resume value just off the deal names. 


Applied and interviewed - the old posting was removed and a new one reposted with fewer MOE needed.

Guessing they felt none of us were up to snuff.


Applied and interviewed - the old posting was removed and a new one reposted with fewer MOE needed.

Guessing they felt none of us were up to snuff.


Has anyone been contacted/in a process for the analyst role that was posted a month ago? Saw they're actively promoting the role on LinkedIn.


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