Need coupon code for BIWS Premium

I am inclined to purchase it but the $347 price is not cheap. Anyone has a coupon code for it or can direct me to how I can get it? I really appreciate it.

BTW, how beneficial is it in preparing you for the first day on the job?


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For what you get, $347 is a bargain. I thought it was expensive at first, but its amazing how helpful it is in teaching you what you need to know. Excel and modeling seemed like it was really hard at first, but Brian makes it so simple to follow, and the customer support is great. He answer my specific questions within a day. You might not get the name recognition of Wall Street Prep or TTS by listing this on your resume, but I feel a lot more capable--and I am only 30% though the basic modeling course--I am really looking forward to getting into the advanced case study with Yahoo/Microsoft. BTW, if you buy that, you can get the Oil&Gas case study for just $47 more.


If you check out their FAQ page you will note they say they don't give discounts to anyone. Everyone seems to think it is a pretty good package, though, so it's probably worth the money.

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definitely worth the money... actually, a lot times in banking you don't even go into details like Brian has done in the course. Looking over it even though I am in a M&A group actually helps me to refresh a lot of my memories.


Thanks for your comments. @ Denver Monkeyannabe I assumed they do have a discount because if you click to sign up there is a box to enter a coupon code.


He's probably just annoyed that you're trying to break in to Wall Street and if you had taken the few minutes to look at the BIWS faq you would have found they don't offer discounts without making a topic for it. Give him a break, he's probably been in the office for the last 36 hours working on a pitch book ;) (I'm pretty sure a lot of the pissed-off responses are a result of lack of sleep, although people not doing their due diligence or adequate research even within WSO is bound to piss off even the most laid back people around here.

I haven't yet tried to buy it, I just looked at the FAQ, so that's my bad. Good luck with it.

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I would advise against insulting members of the WSO community who have been around for a while. Although there's no secret club (that I know of), the chances of having your questions responded to are lacking. Show some respect to them, admit when you mess up (in this case you did, if you don't want to admit it , you'd be better off ignoring the comment), and you'll find a community that's more than willing to help you in your search for a finance job.

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I signed up for the BIWS program back when it was in the $200 range, and it's been a great investment so far. Besides all its obvious strengths (great customer service, a more hands-on approach), my favorite thing about the program is that once you sign up for it, you automatically get access to any new add-ons.

Since I signed up, they've added a Bank and Financial Institutions module, as well as an Oil and Gas module. No idea where I'm going to find time to look at those, considering I am barely halfway through the Microsoft-Yahoo case study.


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