rerecruit for 2025 sa? [repost for traction]

hey, wanted to post to get some opinions on this. Long story short, I go to a target and had a couple supers at some EBs (EvercoreMoelisLazard) and some firsts but didn't cop anything. Everything is pretty much dying down now and I've kinda let it sink in that I struck out for the banks I really wanted. Everyone said hiring conditions were particularly bad this year and I know FT recruiting is just fucked so how possible is it to delay my grad a sem and just recruit for sa again? Has anyone done this and how would it even work? Could I potentially recruit at the same firms again or would they just not interview me again knowing I'm pretty much delaying on purpose. Also does anyone know what a typical excuse is and if I even have to take the gap sam until after I cop or before? sorry for the super long winded question j really stressed and looking for advice. thanks y'all and good luck!


How easy would it be for you to pick up a minor or certification/track? I was able to extend and rerecruit my junior year (I didn’t find out about ib until April of soph yr so I was already super late) but I transferred majors a couple times so it was a good enough reason if anyone were to ask, which they never did. 

Edit: I think, in theory, you can continue to recruit to 24SA roles through November of this year and then after you’ve fully exhausted your 24 options then you can extend and switch to 25SA.

or extend now and try to secure a soph SA for 24 that will lead to a 25SA

a lot of options so mainly depends on your risk appetite.

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First of all - it's still early. I wouldn't give up hope yet at all. Firms will still recruit all the way into September, especially if the market picks back up. Downgrade your expectations a little bit (MM/regional banks) and keep going.

You can definitely extend and re-apply, very common and firms don't care. Just say you decided to take another semester, it's not a big deal at all. You do 100% have to take the extra semester if you're recruiting/accept a 2025 internship. You will be caught out in the background check if you say you're graduating in Dec 2024 and actually graduate in June of 2024.

If you decide to go the extend route, you need to diagnose what went wrong so you're not in the same boat next year. Did you not network enough? GPA too low, need an internship etc? What happened at the superdays? There's less "just bad luck" excuses at a target and you need a solid action plan so you 100% make it next year.


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