Sub 3.0 Gpa trying to break into IB for summer 2024

Hi as it is the midst of summer IB applications I was hoping for some more tailored advice. I go to one of the top non-target schools(finance major) and am seeking an investment banking internship for 2024 at a middle market or boutique firm. The only issue is due to poor performance last semester my cumulative gpa dropped below a 3.0. I do however have a 4.0 major gpa(one class), own a business, and have a consulting internship this summer in the financial services industry. I am on track to get my gpa to a 3.1-3.3 is it worth to send out applications with a sub 3 gpa or wait till I get it higher. I have been going to my schools careers fairs and networking with some banks that do recruit on campus. What should I do at this point?

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Hey OP, imho it’s better to wait until you have a higher GPA unless you are applying to a regional office or a smaller location. The ATS will keep your GPA so it’s better to start higher if you can and in your case, you would already have an internship under your belt. Good luck!

Thank you I appreciate the comment, however I am wondering if it will be too late meaning that most of the spots(in NYC) will be taken by the time my semester ends in May.

Been there. Don’t wait till next summer, push forward. You just have to try harder and reach out to boutique/small shops in your area. IMO even a little IB experience at a 5 person shop is better than none at all. Many times they don't ask for gpa, if they do…have a solid reason. Reach out to everyone, all you need is one yes.

Even a small shop internship will really help land better internship next summer.

Thank you for the comment, would you mind pming me or sharing firms similar to ones you were describing in NYC?

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