Hello fellow monkeys

currently working in IB at a bulge and early through career (VP). Established in the group and have a good reputation / been here since analyst days.

thinking of getting a few tattoos. Obviously no neck / face / hands. Was thinking of a few on the forearm (and maybe biceps / thighs / calves / shins) though so would be on show with t shirts / shorts. Wear a long sleeve shirt and suit every single day so would never be on show in office. But we've done a handful of summer events in my team (maybe 2-3 in 7 years) where we wear polos etc. so would be on show, as well as with clients if I ever do summer stuff, boating, golf etc

I care about others opinions (maybe I shouldn't). What do you all think? Fuck it and go for it or be more conservative? Do people care in 2023?

something I've wanted for a while but seeking validation 

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Casablanca, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Go for it. I work in S&T, but me, my MD, and another VP have tattoos. For context, MD has a small upper forearm tattoo that he doesn't reveal, VP has two upper arm tattoos that are visible on Fridays when we are casual. I have a half sleeve (upper arm) that is also visible when we are casual. I don't think it's stigmatized - to your point, there would probably be relatively more judgment if tattoos were on the face / neck + the design was ostentatious or unprofessional.

In the locker room in our corporate gym, I've noticed dozens of colleagues have tattoos, so I'd imagine it's not just a divisional experience for me. Since you're already keen on getting it, you should go for it.

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Thank you - makes a lot of sense.

I think we've come a long way but banking (and law) still seems somewhat conservative.

awesome on your sleeve - I'm thinking of getting a forearm sleeve but cut off an inch or two above the watch!

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Bump - interested in any other views!

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