Thoughts on University of Michigan and Northeastern?

For strictly placement in the best investment banking/private equity firms, which school is better for internships/jobs: University of Michigan Economics or Northeastern finance at the Business school?
Thank you all for your help!

Michigan and I haven’t actually met anyone from NE in my few years in banking but would check out their placement rates in the greater Boston area. Had no idea that BC places well regionally for IB as I had only known about them for MC but would suggest you ask about this if you plan on staying in greater Boston. Michigan has a great rep all around even if you aren’t in the bschool it’s still well known.

Just go to mich. alumni, baddies, football, basketball, etc. can’t go wrong with big10 for anything

This doesn't even seem like a serious debate -- Michigan seems so much better on every front: academically, socially, reputationally, professionally (ability to network with alums/get jobs). At first I thought you were talking about NorthWESTERN vs. Mich... but hey, if you like the vibe better at Northeastern, then I guess you should consider that. Just depends I guess on what you're looking for. I, personally, just can't imagine picking NE over Mich, but who cares what I think. 

Hey bro. I care what you think. I just want you to know someone DOES care 😌

Michigan by a mile. I'm from Boston area, Northeastern doesn't have a great reputation (except by people who went there who insist it's well-respected). It has a weak alumni base, which is very important in finance, and not a great brand in general. It's gotten better in the last decade but its basically a private UMass or BU.

Sure, there are some Northeastern alums on the street here and there, but you can say that about most large non-targets.

Im at Michigan, not in Ross either. Everyone I know in Ross that wanted to work at a bank is doing so, and I have a ton of Econ friends (along with myself) who are going to work at Banks. I’d say michigan by alot, but maybe I’m biased.

NEU alum here, so obv gonna be partial here. One of my best friends go to UMich tho, so I may have a unique perspective here.

Would say NEU wins if you really want to be in the city, are interested in an interdisciplinary approach to your academics (almost 1/2 of the business school combines with other programs, often computer or data science), are particularly tied to the Northeast, or are highly interested in global experiences. Northeastern's approach (and its students) is highly practical and professional-oriented in every aspect.

Michigan dominates on work-hard/play-hard mentality, social/party/sports scene, and alumni network.

I would suggest you focus your decision on which student you associate yourself with more, given the schools are relatively balanced otherwise (and assuming UMich econ).

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