What does it involve- Alvarez & Marsal RX (UK)?

What's the difference between IB RX and A&M creditor side RX (in the UK)? I get that, on the debtor side, A&M focuses on operational stuff (turnarounds) but what do they do on the creditor side? Is it mainly IBRs, short-term cash flow / cap structure modelling? And what does that entail? Do they count as 'financial modelling', in the vein of what IB RX groups do, and are they as interesting as IB RX work? 

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Cheers, I get what bankers, lawyers and turnaround consultants do in UK restructuring, but I don't understand what A&M does on the creditor side.

Also, anyone got any colour into what working on formal insolvency processes (e.g. admins) is like in the UK? Is it mainly boring admin-work/ filings or can it be more strategic in nature? Or is that just wishful thinking on my part!

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