Which are the top 5 business schools for Masters in Finance (pre-experience; career change) and then onwards to IB.

Hi all,

First off, I am so thankful for this community.

I am looking to pursue my Master of Finance in the US. The issue is that I come from a non-Business & non- STEM background which is making it really hard for me to even look at Unis because all of them want some kind of quantitative experience even for someone from my context. I really am heartbroken atm because ever since I decided to change my career and started researching, MBA was the only option that came up. But I do not have the funds to undertake an MBA, especially with the exchange rates (have you looked at USD - INR rates?! I'm blown away); let's not forget living costs, either! 

I really would love for the community to guide me on this journey I have started and help me out with a Master's in Finance program that will also recruit me to IB

Thank you in advance!

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MFin is not a feeder to IB in the US. At best you might be considered for analyst roles but definitely not associate roles. Either way you are setting up for intro level finance positions.

Yes an MBA can be expensive but there are a lot of fellowships out there and most students take loans anyways. It is also the cleanest way to break into the industry post-undergrad.

If I were you I would figure out a way to finance an MBA. But I would not waste money on an MFin expecting to be recruited for IB.

Source: Recent grad who was heavily involved with IB recruitment across masters programs.


Recent MSF grad (you can look at my other comments for more perspective) but in this market: Do Not Get An MSF. don’t. just don’t. I attended a “top” MSF program (this an oxymoron, good MSFs don’t exist) which at the best is a money grab and at the worst is a complete scam. I landed in IB, but I was one of maybe 8-10 from my class of 200+ who did. Especially in this environment, you simply will not get a role in IB. Unless you are absolutely exceptional, at the top of your class, have the background, AND network properly you just won’t do it. Now, this isn’t to say you aren’t competent, this to say that the MSF is not a respected or regarded degree, MSFs are cash cows to bankroll the MBA program AND MSFs are really trash at supporting and helping international students. If, and only if you got into Vanderbilt’s program would I consider it because that gives you the best chance but even then its slim. And to second what was said above, you would be going into banking as an analyst. I have never seen someone do an MSF and come out as associate. Depending on your age, this may not be a problem, but I’m old for an analyst at 24 and no one wants to be a 30 year old analyst let’s be honest with ourselves. The other thing you have to consider is that yes, it is less expensive than an MBA, but most of these programs do not give scholarships, need based or merit, to international students. So you’re looking at 100k+ in loans all in for a degree that may not guarantee you success.

I criticize MSF programs as a whole a lot because while I am from the states, I watched a lot of my international friends get absolutely screwed in recruiting. It worked out for me, but I had the perfect background to get into banking from an MSF. If you don’t, which it doesn’t sound like you do, don’t waste your time or money. Craft a story, crush the GMAT, bite the bullet, and go head first into an MBA. You’ll have more career optionality, more respect, will land in a more senior role, and it gives you more time to get it right. Unfortunately a year is just not enough time to move to a new country and hack it, especially if you’re at a school that doesn’t give you the resources you need to succeed.

Feel free to PM me if you have specific questions.


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