Zuckerberg Admitted FBI Interference

On the Joe Rogan, Zuckerberg very casually admitted that the FBI went to Facebook and suggested a large Russian disinformation campaign was shortly dropping which lead to Facebook censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story. This seems wrought with hazard for the status of our democracy and isn't particularly surprising giving the animosity between Trump and the intelligence community while he was in office. Raises additional questions as to motive of current searches of Trump's residence, particularly given it's fairly evident he will be a contender in the next presidential election. Would be curious to hear others' thoughts.

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Remember Ruby Ridge

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We need fair processes and a fair system, but unfortunately the libtards will never allow it. The radical-left, woke Big Tech has been purging descent and censoring conservative figures at an alarming rate. The Democrats are undoubtedly the biggest threat to freedom of speech, and therefore, a huge threat to our democracy.

Objectively speaking, life was better under Trump - there is no doubt about it. There were no major wars, no inflationary concerns, very low gas prices, huge poverty reduction - over ten million people were lifted off of food stamps and out of poverty, we had record labor force participation rates, we had the highest tax and regulation cuts in our history, we had the strongest economy in our history, the most secure boarders in recorded history, a relatively controlled drug problem and not nearly as many ODs as we have now, no Afghanistan humiliations, Operation Warp Speed, and we handed the democrats the fastest economic recovery in our history.

Before I get MSed, I'll say that I used to be a liberal throughout Trump's presidency. I didn't like Trump while he was in office, but after seeing the stark contrast between Trump's accomplishments and Biden's breathtaking failures I knew I had to switch sides.

I think everyone needs to put aside their subjective views on political candidates (I know it's very hard) and look at the numbers. The numbers say it all.

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PrivateTechquity 🚀GME+BBBY🚀, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I'll be interested to see if any of the resident WSO leftoids try to justify this one. That interview was very telling and Joe didn't even begin to seriously press Zuck. Between that and what came out from the Alex Berenson discovery against Twitter with the White House inquiring about him by name about why he wasn't banned for his speech about the Covid vaccines, people should be waking up. This is two separate incidences of social media giants outright saying they were instructed by the executive branch of our government to interfere with the distribution of factually correct information to the public for the benefit of the existing administration. Everything that's happened in the past couple of years at this point should extremely alarming. Our government's involvement in potentially creating Covid in the first place (government funding of GoF research in Wuhan), the censorship of accurate information (tons of side effects to the vaccine with greater probability than was admitted, lockdowns and social distancing don't work, etc.) and dissemination of known to be false information (masks work, you won't get the virus if you get these vaccines, the vaccines prevent you from spreading, etc.) are not the signs of a government that has your interests in mind. 

Then look at the FBI raid on Trump and note that he's had these supposed documents for nearly 2 years at this point. If it was such an emergency, why not get them sooner? Isn't it strange that the same FBI team that worked on this raid was also involved with the Steele dossier? How odd is it that the judge who signed off on the warrant was an ex-DA that switched to the defense for Jeffrey Epstein back in the day during his first legal troubles down in FL? This stuff stinks to high heaven.  


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2rigged2fail, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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