Am I doing enough?

Hello everyone, I’m a rising sophomore (I’m in summer after freshman year) at a non target in the midwest with the goal of breaking into IB. I have a finance internship this summer but it’s more real estate and loan focused than IB and I am working on technicals. I am networking but tbh idk if I’m doing enough. I mean I work on sending 5-10 emails a day to people from LinkedIn and Ive made some good connections
but I always hear of people that do things like meet bankers in NYC and go to actual bank locations to give their resume and it made me wonder if I’m doing enough.
I would love to travel to NYC/Chicago but that’s not possible for me now. Am I doing enough to break in or am I missing something.


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Career Advancement Opportunities

June 2024 Investment Banking

  • Jefferies & Company 02 99.4%
  • Perella Weinberg Partners New 98.9%
  • Lazard Freres 01 98.3%
  • Harris Williams & Co. 24 97.7%
  • Goldman Sachs 16 97.1%

Overall Employee Satisfaction

June 2024 Investment Banking

  • Harris Williams & Co. 19 99.4%
  • Lazard Freres 06 98.9%
  • JPMorgan Chase 09 98.3%
  • William Blair 03 97.7%
  • Morgan Stanley 04 97.1%

Professional Growth Opportunities

June 2024 Investment Banking

  • Lazard Freres 01 99.4%
  • Jefferies & Company 02 98.9%
  • Perella Weinberg Partners 18 98.3%
  • Goldman Sachs 16 97.7%
  • Moelis & Company 05 97.1%

Total Avg Compensation

June 2024 Investment Banking

  • Director/MD (5) $648
  • Vice President (23) $378
  • Associates (95) $261
  • 3rd+ Year Analyst (14) $181
  • 2nd Year Analyst (69) $168
  • Intern/Summer Associate (34) $167
  • 1st Year Analyst (207) $159
  • Intern/Summer Analyst (152) $101
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