Are there jobs in Finance which incorporate Geography?

I’m studying a joint degree in Economics and Geography and have been trying to research what sort of jobs combine these two disciplines. Obviously the focus on this site tends to be IB/AM/Consulting but I’m unable to figure out if these jobs have sectors where knowledge in things like development economics or policy are also involved in the job. I’m also wondering if there are any jobs which combine the two fields which can also be a useful stepping stone for breaking into IB/Consulting. 

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I work in commodity trading in an investment bank. Specifically to my product, I heavily relied on geography and economics to formulate any strategy. Some of the biggest factors are weather/geography/politics/public policy/macro environment and I also use micro model to calculate what’s the impact of each factor.

Corporate/finance related advisory role tends to has little to no use of the ability. I’m pretty sure that’ll be sectors that are related to it like natural resources/energy, but they won’t use any of the knowledge on a day to day basis.


Sure. I think best place is to find a commodity you like, look thru all the shops, prepare some technical skill (i was valued at first because of programming skill) and started out from Trader Development Program, scheduler, logistics, operations, or fundamentals analyst. I entered thru a structured program in an IB. The program was really S&T but after some networking I join the commodity arm. The commodity trading world is big. But look for investment bank(Macquarie, GS, MS), hedge fund(Citadel), trading house(Merc, Traf, Glencore), and producer (BP, She’ll).


An investment partner is currently looking at a potential investment in the battery tech space, which also includes natural resources, mining and exploration of certain areas within geography. There are financial staff which are focused on this on both sides, they have unique skills in analyzing the requirements for these efforts.

That's all I know.


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