Careers to consider?

Hey all, wanted to see if anyone has any career suggestions that could be a good fit for me. I'm thinking about my next steps and figure that there may be some good career options that I'm overlooking. 

What I'm looking for is:

  • Role with ownership - not simply an advisor to clients
  • Ideally, a mix of investing and value creation
  • Not entirely modelling - I don't mind doing some modelling, but spending hundreds of hours improving a model to make it slightly more accurate just doesn't appeal to me
  • Decent hours - currently working about 60 hrs a week, ideally would not want to work much more than this on a regular basis
  • Fast paced and exciting
  • Good comp
  • Ideally, focused on a topic/sector that is consumer-oriented (things like enterprise software don't interest me as much as consumer technology, for example)

Are there any roles/careers/firms that could be a good fit for me based on this?


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Dimonfan, what's your opinion? Comment below:

CEO haha just kidding, try Chief of Staff to the CEO, make sure the CEO is someone who would give you solid work, (not just set this meeting up for me, they have EA's for that), great exits to either higher level management or B-School post stint.

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Person123, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I'll echo the Chief of Staff suggestion. As mentioned above, the role admittedly is a bit nebulous as your responsibilities are heavily contingent upon the firm and your CEO. With that being said (assuming a more junior CoS role), it's typically a great opportunity to (i) work on really impactful internal / external projects and (ii) learn very closely from the C-Suite. Typical responsibilities may include:

• Preparing Board of Director materials & communications

• Managing investor relations (e.g., providing business updates, fulfilling ad-hoc requests)

• Spearheading special projects (e.g, investor presentations, fundraising, M&A)

• Managing executive priorities / targets (e.g, setting OKR's, building frameworks to define goals & strategy)

Modeling has been minimal in my experience, but it'll vary case-by-case (as alluded to earlier). Overall, it's a lot more of a Strategic / Operational role vs a typical Finance role if that is what you're interested in. Happy to discuss in further detail over PM if that helps, too. Good luck!

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