Cold Emailing Shop About a Job?

Currently at a lender and I really like one of the groups we have done a few deals with this year. They are working on some really cool developments that I want to be a part of. Also want to get out of the debt side and always envisioned myself as/at a developer. 

Would it be totally out of pocket to cold email them about any potential employment opportunities? I know the job market is in the toilet right now but they are a small shop and I know they have some large upcoming projects. 

One caveat is that 99% of my interactions with them thus far has been through a broker so I don't necessarily have a relationship with anyone on their team but have worked on a few of their deals. 


It works. All 3 of my jobs have been through cold email introductions. One was actually a physically mailed cover letter since their website said "no emails please".


Appreciate the response and love to hear it. 

For the emails, did you send in to their general inbox or a specific person? Just curious what best practice is here.  


If I were in your shoes, I'd cold message on LinkedIn one the people you know worked on the same deal as you. "Hey abc, my firm provided xyz when we worked on edf. I'm interested in hearing more about what you do. Would you happen to have 10-15 minutes to get on a call?" 


I would find the head of the department i was targeting and just say something very brief:

(Name), I saw your team recently closed XYZ, congrats on getting that done. I am reaching out to see if your team was looking to expand in any way, I am very interested in a (department) role focused on your firm's strategy. I attached my resume for your reference and would love to discuss if you are available over the next week or so. Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.

95% of the time they will not respond, so just follow up in 2 weeks. If you do land an introductory call, make sure to ask if they know anyone else in the industry that may be hiring or worth reaching out to. 

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