Cornell Double Major Advice for Quant Role

I've committed to Cornell CAS and I was looking to get some advice as to what I should major in. I plan on majoring in math, and due to the structure of the major and its requirements, it's relatively easy and common to double major. The second majors I'm most interested in are CS and econ. I'm interested in Quant trading, and I was wondering which of these majors will best prepare me to get a quant trader position and also do well in it. Thanks.

Not too familiar with the world of quants. But for quant trading, I would recommend math and cs major. For quant research I would recommend math and Econ major.

In all honesty, either choices are prob fine. What matters more is the extra work u put outside of class to understand what quants do and become a self starter. Also don’t forget to neglect networking.

Why do you suggest different major combinations for quant traders and researchers? Is it because quant traders simply need to implement models and algorithms whereas quant researchers need to have a better grasp of economic and financial theory to even come up with effective models?

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