Lying about late graduation

Hey guys currently in my final sem expecting to graduate this coming November. I have applied to a few summer analyst roles saying that I will graduate mid-2024 instead, now that I have interviews coming up I am unsure if I should continue to lie about it. FYI I plan to travel for a bit after graduation and a potential SA role so I am alright to start full-time later in 2024 or when the offer would be for.  


Why are you applying for SA roles instead of a full time job? Correct me if I’m wrong as I’m not educated in the Australian job market, but even if you did graduate in 2024 how would you be eligible for a SA program?


Why don’t you just delay your grad date by one semester? Underload this year.

As the other commenter said, you really should’ve applied for grad roles this year but it’s too late.


gonna hijack this but i'm in a similar situation as a final year student in the uk. why is everyone replying that he should've applied for FT roles? isn't it almost impossible to land FT positions if you aren't a SA at that same bank or one of similar status? Why can't he just say he's delaying graduation or perusing a masters and apply for the opportunity with a higher chance of getting accepted (assuming SA easier to land than FT due to amount of seats available)? Again I'm a final year who most likely gets no return offer so I want to be prepared as well.


He should’ve applied for FT because he’s looking for a job, not an internship. Yes getting an internship is easier than the position through FT, but how are you going to explain the fact that after the internship you’re going to be doing virtually nothing for a year because you already graduated? Also, if he was to successfully get the internship and receive a return offer, the firm would inevitably ask for proof of graduation before he starts. How do you think that’s gonna play out when they see bro graduated a whole year ago?


Full disclosure the SA is in the middle office and I said I'm graduating mid-2024 not end 24. I fully understand you and you are right I should have been applying to ft positions the only problem is my current intern that makes my resume looks 20x better that what it is with out it only started in March after most graduate recruiting my main object is to leverage my current internship, I have a coffee chat with a manager of the group (Alumn of current intern) tomorrow and plan to be upfront and ask his thoughts. Also, the resume I applied with says graduating this year but during the screening interview I just said mid-next year idk why


Well I agree. If he’s just gonna go travelling like he said and isn’t worried about securing a place in IB at all cost then he probably should have applied for FT.


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