MBA Consulting Summer Associate -> IB Associate Full-Time?

As many of you know, MBA internship recruiting begins almost as soon as you step foot on campus for your first year. I wasn’t 100% sure which path I wanted to go down last Fall, but ultimately landed on consulting. However, as the school year progressed I found myself really enjoying my finance classes. By that point recruiting was well under way and it was too late to shift back to IB.

I got a job at a T2 consulting firm this summer and am a few weeks into the job. The job is fine, but I feel like I’m always going to look back and regret not giving IB a try.

I’ll spare you all from the elevator pitch of ‘why investment banking over consulting,’ but was wondering if banks recruit second year MBA students for full time positions that did not spend their summer in IB?

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I handled my MBA’s IB club recruiting, it’s very hard to recruit if you didn’t intern, but it’s possible. It’s going to be harder this year considering the current market. If you really want to try and recruit reach out to your IB club asap and talk to them, they will be aware of the deadlines and can put you in touch with your school alumni at the banks who will push you through the process. They can also give you better insight about success rates for people who only recruited for FT in recent years.

Also like to add, the better school you go to - the higher chance you have at having a chance.

At my T25, this type of summer --> FT transition is unheard of even in bull markets. Only guys who got FT IB offers at my school had competing offers from their summers (both landed offers fairly early in their 2nd years). But great advice nonetheless. Reach out to the current IB/finance club president sooner than later to see if they can look around.

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