Anyone care about money more than the things it can buy?

I'm from a working class UK family (both parents primary school teachers). The idea of having large amounts of wealth seems very appealing, but I can't quite grasp why, considering the thought of spending it isn't. When I look at obscene clubs, yachts, houses, I feel a bit sick about the amount of resources used. Not saying I'm against people buying them - just I can't personally see how they would make me any happier.

Despite this, the thought of having a large pool of wealth to leave behind to my kids/grandkids seems very appealing.

Perhaps it is the security of having more than enough - even if property/rent skyrockets, you know you will still be able to live comfortably and be able to provide for your family. 

Maybe it's the freedom of work - if you have a large enough pool, you can create an income through a much wider spectrum of work opportunities, allowing you to do what you want. Maybe you can run that non-profit whilst living very comfortably yourself, maybe you can invest into that risky startup and be okay if it goes wrong.

Could it be the power? Money allows you to do what you want, when you want. And if anyone has anything against that, you can throw money at them until they disappear. 

Interested to hear your thoughts.

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