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Ozymandia, what's your opinion? Comment below:

What does this have to do with anything?

Besides its irrelevance, it's also wrong on a technical level.  The US was certainly engaged in continuous military activity during his Administration, striking "new" targets that previous Presidents hadn't engaged with.  I assume you don't consider that "starting a new war," but it is hard to imagine that Mr Obama "started a war" if you are using the same threshold.  In a technical sense, the US hasn't declared war since WWII, and the last military conflict authorized by Congress was the Iraq War.

And Mr Trump isn't evil.  He's an grifter and a con man, but "evil" is a bit far.  He very clearly and openly saw his role as POTUS primary as an opportunity to enrich himself and his family, and while that makes singularly unfit to be a public servant, it doesn't make him any more "evil" than anyone else who has prioritized those things.

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Ozymandia, what's your opinion? Comment below:


He sure kept Russia at bay for all you Ukraine groupies and Zelensky simps

The President who illegally withheld a Congressionally approved military aid package to Ukraine unless they provided dirt on his political opponent... this is the argument you're making?

The absolute gall it takes to make this argument is actually impressive.  Donald Trump loved dictators like Mr Putin, because the pageantry and "machismo" of holding military parades where everyone in uniform salutes you is pretty much what he thinks government is for, the aggrandizement of himself - the fact that he licked the boot of every strongman he could find does not mean he "kept Russia at bay."  The man subverted his own State Department to conduct illegal, off the books diplomacy for his own personal benefit.  How you can turn this into "Mr Trump was Russia's nightmare" is beyond me.

Mr Incredible, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Suscipit soluta quae nesciunt earum et ut esse. Adipisci sapiente atque est maxime. Et explicabo rerum aut. Nihil nihil expedita autem.

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