How did Bobby Axelrod get his start on the street?

We know he went to Hofstra. We know he was relatively senior at the firm when 9/11 happened. But what about the middle?? WHAT IS HIS ORIGIN STORY? Did he go through a 2 year IB analyst program where he got yelled at by MDs for being smarter than them which causes his distaste of authority figures? Did he start in equity research where he realized he had a noticeable "edge" to drive alpha that no one else on the street did? Or was he a mail room schmuk who happened to get the attention of an BSD? These are the questions I want showtime to answer. 

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Mr_Agree_to_Disagree, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Those are good questions. But between breaking Billions into Wokework and the fact that Damian Lewis had to step out for legit personal reasons. I doubt we'll ever actually know. The only tadpole points we have were in the first couple of seasons with scenes like Ben Kim.

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Value_Subtracted_Consulting, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I believe they just announced that Damian Lewis will be back on the show next season. Not sure in what capacity, like if it will just be a few scenes/cameos or whole episodes dedicated to his character arc.

"Showtime, the show's network, said in a statement on Feb. 28 that Lewis would return for six of the 12 episodes in Season Seven of the show, which will air later in 2023." 

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Stonks1990, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Nice, didn't know this. Will be good to see him around. 

One can hope they return the show to its original levels. I think that S1-2 were some of the best things I've seen on television in recent years. All of my top shows seem to dim after the 2008-2010 range, and Billions seemed to bring a fresh perspective. Billions started going downhill as soon as they moved into the Midtown office from the Westport one. S5 was hot garbage, but if Axe is coming back for S7 it looks like I gotta grind my teeth and watch S6. Hopefully, it's slightly better than everyone makes it out to be. 

soupymessy, what's your opinion? Comment below:

There was one scene where he was at a restaurant and spoke to some guy who he claimed ripped him off come bonus time. I can't remember for certain but I think it was commodities? My guess is he was a trader at some point.

Networking ans clawing your way to the top is not that uncommon so my guess is that's the route he took. Prob grinded his ass off too considering how competitive he is.

teddythebear, what's your opinion? Comment below:

He was a hustler and talker. If I remember, he was in sales trading. His ability to talk and read people allowed him to get into senior management.


MorbeenTime, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Pre sure it was horse betting that got his foot in the door

WolfofWSO, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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