How do you rank on LinkedIn?

Ever wondered how popular you are on LinkedIn? Do some of your connections get more views than you? In an effort to boost engagement and encourage polished profiles, LinkedIn will now include a tool called How You Rank. This new feature will show users the most-viewed profiles among one's company and greater network.

Additionally, this tool will make suggestions as to how one can become more "LinkedIn popular". With new features like this, many are concerned that LinkedIn is drifting away from its business professional platform and headed in the direction of many other popular social media sites. They fear that adding such a tool will make LinkedIn seem more like a popularity contest of who can get the most views rather than a site for networking and fostering business relationships as it was intended.

What do you think about this? Is LinkedIn staying true to its professional nature or is it drifting towards the likes of Facebook, Twitter, etc.?

For most people the overall ranking is probably useless. In my industry, I'd much rather have a smaller number of quality connections than 1,000 random profile views.

I agree some people, like recruiters, are bound to get the most page views. But I do think that this feature is somewhat unnecessary as the purpose of linkedin is to build and strengthen your professional network. No should focus on getting more views than their connections and I think linkedin missed their aim with this tool.

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