I hate scammers.

Anyone else sick and tired of seeing these “professional” day traders robbing people?

Tried to convince my cousin (Andrew Tate cult follower) that it was a scam, but he’s too mesmerised by the lamborghini rentals / burj khalifa pics.

Thinking of starting a page exposing these idiots.

Any suggestions for my first kill?


Was discussing with my friends (not close friends but more mutual friend) who said they were starting day trading. They said as long as they make 2.5% a day they’d be millionaires in no time… tried to explain how mathematically it was impossible and the only firm to even consistenly generate 1% A MONTH was a ponzi scheme. They ended up paying for signals and are now commited to FX trading.


Second that. Sooner or later, they will fall for such a scam. Let it be a learning experience - just save your close ones


Came here to say the same. Let pain teach them. 

You may take down one scammer, but then there will be another one, and another one, and another one... and you'll just be playing an endless game of being the cop, focusing on taking down others. Use the energy to work on what interests you so you can live well and let the idiots around you gamble as they see fit.

If you have read Don Quijote, you're fighting with the winds. It's futile.


Tates thing is pretty legit…nothing revolutionary but from what i’ve heard from guys i know in it they learn these side hustle skills in 2-3 months and beyond that it’s just a function of how much time they put in to make a profit. They say they just stay out of loyalty because 50USD is a drop in the bucket compared to what they’ve made. On the day trading thing, yeah, it probably won’t work, but I wouldn’t completely write it off. I made a pretty decent amount writing iron condors on MCD and BAC in high school. There’s always strategies like that to make outsized returns for low volume traders


These scammers sent my dad some Norton Antivirus update that said his computer was infected and he had to pay $400 or his computer would be wrecked. He paid the money immediately and it went away, but it was all scam. I wanted to go to their NJ office and slaughter them for this, I was soooo mad. The worst part about it was he signed some document saying he approved the charges preventing us to being able to cancel from the credit card company. Pure evil these guys.

Another time, someone hacked my Dad's friend's email. They sent a fake email to my dad and said that their daughter was dying of leukemia and they were short $300 for a procedure and needed to send $100 Google Gift cards.  My dad called me at 7am on a Saturday when I was at my ex-girlfriend's house and he was in desperate straits and said I needed to get these Google Gift cards asap. They provided some other email to electronically send the gift cards and I told my Dad this was definitely a scam. He was practically screaming and crying at me on the phone to get these cards. I told him it was 99% chance a scam and to call his friend on the phone to make sure she needed these Google Gift cards. He called her wtih no response. The email said they needed them ASAP or she would miss her next procedure date. My Dad practically made me buy these cards and I did buy them, but a couple hours later Amazon rejected the sale due to too many red flags coming from that email address. I wasn't able to buy them and later that day my Dad's friend called back on the phone and said her email had been hacked. 

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