Sorry to hear that man. Best part is that your situation is temporary now that you’ve got the job that will surely bring you out of poverty.

To answer your question - no taking extra food is completely fine. If the professionals don’t eat it, it goes to waste and is probably one of the better perks of the job (food access since college was a game changer for me coming from a poor background).

In the slim to none chance someone asks you about it I’d just say you’d grab for breakfast the next day and leave it at that. Not a fire able offense in the slightest.


They definitely have CCTV for security reasons - but no one is checking it, and you're allowed to take it as long as you're not like swiping 40 sandwiches at a time.

Take a sandwich or two and a few teas, no problem.

Best of luck man


There’s plenty of reasons nobody is going to care.  You’re taking abandoned leftovers for crying out load.  

But if you wanna talk cameras . . I mean, there’s cameras in the hallway showing that you walked into the room.  In the mythical universe where anyone cares, they could figure out who took the food.

Good thing nobody cares.


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