Your thoughts on long-term planning

Wondering what everyone else's thoughts are. Have been in IB for quite a bit (7+ years) and after a couple of years of spending lavishly (read: everything I made and my bonus, lots of fun but not very smart), I have started thinking about retirement, maybe FIRE, and other more long term goals. 

With everything going on in the world, I feel like I should have everything well set up for my retirement and have the rare opportunity to do so due to my job. However, I also see a world in which in the next 30 years we might see an insane global shift (capitalism is the best system right now imo, even not perfect, but it might fail, I see highly polarised societies such as the USA at the moment etc.).

Personally, I feel like I have to be set up in case everything goes right according to the current system, but wondering what others are thinking about the next 10-20-30 years in western society. 

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jlweinberg76, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Capitalism will not fail. Whoever says that is either from China or a communist, not to mention both. USA is very polarized atm, but what will that result in? A solid economy and a strong military just like the past 250 years. I wouldn't worry about what will happen in 10, 20, 30 years as far as dramatic western shifts. Imo you can retire and you'll be fine. Don't watch the news media all the time cause the dramatize everything on both sides.

PeRmAnEnTiNtErN, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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