Expert Network Project Manager to IR/Deal Origination?

Hi all,
I am currently at one of the biggest Expert Networks working as a PM. I manage a book of business consisting of Mega cap to Mid Market funds. I am the main point of contact for these funds for executing primary research on various industries and I am responsible for developing the business from these funds. I also go against our competitors to win new business. 
For those unaware of ENs, what we do is we connect Industry experts to PE funds/Consultancies who want to learn more about an industry or a target company. 
I think being at a EN has set me up for a role in Deal Origination given that it is similar to what I do already. Which is screening targets, building relationships and finding market opportunities. I was wondering how hard is it to break into Deal Origination from an EN perspective/where can I turn to to find these roles? So far I have been reaching out to individuals on LinkedIn to find roles. I've heard that there are only a limited number of mid market funds that have an origination practice. 
I was also wondering how can I get into IR, I've seen other people from EN's get into Deal Origination but I was wondering how hard it would be to get into IR from an EN given that most of the people working in IR come from a traditional consulting firm or IB
I am not interested in the long term to get into a traditional finance role. 

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