Q&A: Ex-Senior Credit Risk Analyst at Barclays Investment Bank and grad student at Cornell University


  • Currently a graduate student in Applied Economics and Management with concentration in behavioral finance at Cornell University - Prior to the Masters I worked for 2 years at Barclays Investment Bank in Glasgow, UK in the Risk department (specifically focused on portfolios with securities lending, repurchase agreements and prime brokerage products) - Graduated in 2017 with a BEng Degree in Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture and was heavily involved in energy-related issues - also participated in and won the Business Enterprise Pathway Competition with a team of 5 other students by using as the basis of our project my dissertation idea


  • Transition from engineering to banking - Transition from the UK to the USA - How to leverage existing features to make someone's profile interesting/applicable to a specific job - Effective behavior at networking events in order to secure referrals - Time management to fit job applications, good grades in university and networking at the same period of time


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  • Intern in IB - Gen

What made you move from engineering to a credit risk position? Were you actually interested in credit?

How did your responsibilities as a risk analyst differ from a regular credit analys?


aepanagopoulou, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I knew I wanted to go into IB but I thought Barclays credit risk would be a good stepping stone. Always considered it as a stepping stone. I thought the information I can get can be useful which was true and I also gained transferrable skills which are also applicable to my current career preferences. I have not worked as a credit analyst so I can't speak for that but for credit risk, we had to assess and report the exposures on all portfolios of Barclays with certain products on a daily basis. We also had to identify any system/valuation/booking issues and ensure resolution on time.

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I'm currently a credit analyst now and was wondering what your plan is for the next steps in your career

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What is the effective behavior at networking events to secure referrals? Could you give more information on that

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aepanagopoulou, what's your opinion? Comment below:

There's a lot on that but short summary below:

1) research companies that will be at the events and be able to discuss the industries in depth 2) have clear reasons of why you are interested in the companies and keep your blurb short and sweet 3) don't stick with the same company/person at the whole event but try to speak with many people/companies 4) try to speak to other people in your same position too rather than only with companies as they would value your general effort to expand your network in the event and not think that you're only there for referrals 5) don't ever ask for referrals as that seems needy - the best way to move forward is to ask what other resources you can use and who they recommend speaking to 4) follow-up with an e-mail and touching upon an interesting aspect of your conversation with that person

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