Query / advice on following investment/portfolio analyst role?

Hi all,

Currently just received a job PD for an investment analyst role, but more oriented towards the fund / portfolio domain. I'd like the sub's advice in whether this is a good platform to build some skills from a big4 infra advisory team background.

The job ad does describe financial modelling, and the role assists with capital raising. However, it won't sit within a 'deals' type team.

Purpose: The Analyst's primary responsibility is to support the investment team with fund performance analysis and portfolio modelling, fund reporting coordination and the provision of analytical support for prospective fund and capital raising activity, predominantly across the business’s social infrastructure investments and renewable energy infrastructure fund.

Responsibilities listed below -

Analyse and Performance:

  • Assisting in analysing and driving the performance of investment portfolios via financial modelling work, in addition to the development of prospective investment strategies including:
  • Ongoing maintenance and optimisation of financial models for existing social infrastructure fund portfolios
  • Development of new financial models for prospective investment strategies including undertaking scenario, sensitivity and feasibility analysis
  • Coordination and assistance in development of investor materials for new investment strategies
  • Effective tracking and recording of prospective investor activity associated with new investment strategies
  • Assist in writing and contributing to investment analysis including papers for consideration by the investment committee.

Portfolio Analysis and Reporting

  • Perform periodic fund performance analysis for the social accommodation funds and renewable energy fund.
  • Coordination of social accommodation and renewable energy fund reporting, including quarterly/half-year and annual performance reporting, strategic reviews, and surveys.

Hey there,

This investment analyst role sounds like a fantastic opportunity, especially if you're interested in the fund/portfolio domain. It seems to offer a good mix of responsibilities that will allow you to build a strong skill set.

In terms of financial modeling, you'll be involved in both maintaining and optimizing existing models as well as developing new ones for prospective investment strategies. This will certainly enhance your analytical skills and give you a deep understanding of how different scenarios and variables can impact an investment portfolio.

The role also involves a significant amount of performance analysis and reporting. This will give you a solid understanding of how funds perform over time and how to communicate this information effectively to various stakeholders.

Additionally, the role's focus on social infrastructure and renewable energy investments could provide a unique and valuable perspective, given the growing importance of these sectors.

Finally, the fact that you'll be assisting with capital raising activities suggests that you'll have the opportunity to interact with a variety of stakeholders, which could be beneficial for networking and developing your communication skills.

So, if you're interested in fund/portfolio management and want to develop a strong skill set in financial modeling, performance analysis, and stakeholder communication, this role could be a great fit for you. Good luck!

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