Would you take a lower title change? Audit Supervisor to Restructuring Associate

Hi everyone! I am a Supervisor at a Mid tier public accounting firm, with almost 5 years of Audit experience. I do not have a CPA and have been interested in Transaction Services and Turnaround and Restructuring. I got offered a Turnaround and Restructuring position from a mid tier consulting group (think Conway Mack, Ankura etc) for an Associate position ( I had applied for a senior position). The promotion timeline to Senior at this firm would be about 16 month. The pay as a Restructuring Associate is about $10k higher than my Audit supervisor role.
But the backward movement in titles on my resume is what is really holding me up. Is it worth it to go from a Supervisor role to Associate? I'm afraid what if I don't end up liking Restructuring and want to move to a different group before March 2022 (which is the promotion timeline) - would the title of Associate on my resume look horrible? I also realize that the market is tough right now and have not had much luck with other jobs I've applied for. Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you!

Are you set on leaving audit? Because I don't know anyone in audit that is hurting for opportunities or money - that job market is on fire right now. Is there a reason why you don't just keep moving up the audit chain? If you have a solid work history as an audit supervisor and put a good resume out there, you should have recruiters breaking down your door. Good luck!

GoingToBeAnMD so I don’t have a CPA and audit supervisor is the highest I can go. Manager and above needs a CPA, and realistically speaking, I’m probably not going to get one. So I would either need to go into an industry position in accounting or do turnaround and restructuring or another consulting opp. So the turnaround and RX firm came back to me and offered a senior title and $20k more than my audit supervisor salary. Do you have any insight into turnaround and restructuring? 

No, but I do know audit and I can tell you that there's plenty of Directors and MDs out there without a CPA - and I work at a BB mind you. The CPA requirement might just be your firm. You could easily pursue a CIA, CISA, CFE, whatever (all of those are achievable in short timeframes) and there are plenty of companies that would hire you. It just makes no sense to leave audit if all you want is more money and advancement. 

GoingToBeAnMD what kind of service are they directors or MD in? Audit across ALL public accounting firms requires a cpa to be promoted to a manager and there’s no MD in a public accounting firm. Like you absolutely cannot sign an audit report unless you have a CPA - those are just the accounting rules. So are they working in consulting? And if so, is there an audit line in consulting? Or is it like transaction services? 

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