Did I make the biggest mistake ever (Please Help)

Going to be a first year PE analyst at a MM in the west coast. I was at a BB last summer and decided to recruit FT for PE. I think this may have been the worst decision I've ever made and here is why

  • Do not find the industry this firm invests in interesting (infanstructure)

  • My gf of 4 years (who I love) is in the east coast 

  • I've realized recently I don't want to be some gung-ho PE partner and just want to live comfortably

  • I was just rushed into the appeal of starting off in the buyside and not realizing how much I shot myself in the foot 

My question is will it be possible to lateral to a east coast PE firm in a industry I find interesting as an associate, and how should I go about this. 

Also I feel that eventually I want to go to the corp-dev route and feel like most corp dev positions on Linkeidn are tech companies, should I focus for tech PE firms?

Sorry if this sounds like rambling, I have been a bit depressed lately and have to say some tough goodbyes to people very soon and this is taking a toll on my mental health

I’m just an intern, so take this with a grain of salt. It seems to me that a first job in PE is only going to benefit you, and give you the flexibility you want. Its a long career and B-school is an option if you can’t lateral. You should be proud of yourself for breaking into the industry. Recognize that if you’re the kind of person who was able to do that, you’re the kind of person who should be able to get where you want—wherever you decide that is.

did not think abt it in the moment, in hindsight terrible decision

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I am currently in corp dev at a utility which is a role I got straight out of school.

I say try to get a non-infra PE role on the east coast. When you are doing the recruiting, be honest(-ish). Explain that your life is on the east coast and you thought you’d be able to make the transition to the west coast but it just isn’t working out. Explain that the unique elements of infra PE makes the job not for you. That you like PE but not this specific space.

People get it. The one thing is it may take 1-2 years to actually make the move. It isn’t likely to be a 3-6 month thing

Look into PCA. Lots of buyside alumni currently work at EVR PCA. You will have a lot of exposure to all types of VC, PE, PC deals while on the east coast. Deal flow is extremely high and a lot less cyclical than M&A. 

You haven't even started yet, give it some time and see how it goes. Maybe you'll grow to like the work/industry over the course of the next few months.  

Right now all you're doing is sitting around at home overthinking everything.

Look at it as a great opportunity to experience something completely new. Seems to me that your gf is the biggest thing holding you back. Maybe she is the one, I don't know your circumstances. But you are young and if this one doesn't work out there will be plenty of other girls that might be as great or even greater. Don't plan your whole life around a college gf. 

As to you realizing that you don't want to be some PE partner and "just live comfortably" instead, well, that just sounds like depression talking.

You got an offer in this job market, that's something, don't waste the opportunity you are given. 


This is why I always say that most people only go to PE because they're told that's what they want, instead of thinking for themselves. 

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