Firing at Apollo

Partner and Head of Infra just got fired... just couple months after Co-Head Infra left. What's the story behind this, anyone know? Are infra returns not meeting expectations? I thought they just closed a $2.5bn fund too, albeit short of target.

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com'on, we want inside details... not what we can all look at from an article. you think apollo will actually say it's performance or fund related if those were actually true? that will scare off future LPs and may cause current LPs to think twice on re-ups and other co-invest vehicles


Guys, is this gossip girl or something? We're acting like a bunch of teenage women here, and frankly, it's somewhat disconcerting seeing a bunch of finance professionals conducting in this type of manner, seriously.




Anyway, can someone who actually knows something please let us what know happened swiftly, for I need to know if I should short APO if the partner was caught fraternizing with a female associate by the water cooler. And, was it true that Timmy was caught holding hands with sally in the conference room last night?


Gotta love the prospects that bring a high and mighty attitude not realizing we're all scumbags in this industry and not actually much more intelligent than teenage women either


WSO mods if you try to delete his post in order to prevent a libel lawsuit you are no better than the sickest evilest beings of this world (Hitler, mosquitos which carry malaria and Jefferies LLC)


How the hell do you fail to meet Infra returns aren't you only aiming for like a levered 6.5% yield lol


classic fee leakage to pay for sexual harassment litigation lawyers 


Mods already deleting the prior comments that the head of infra at Apollo raped a junior and the most they can say is he “violated employee conduct”. Absolutely disgusting.


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