LMM/MM UK PE - pay bumps?

Given the market wide bump in base salaries across BBs, EBs and even MMs (in addition to MF/UMM PE), curious to see if LMM/MMPE have followed suit?

My understanding was that previously a new analyst leaving IB would expect £70/80k all in comp in UK LMM/MM PE. Have any bumped? Would make it a tough sell to leave banking if these figures haven't increased materially?

For context, currently in UK MMPE and NO pay bump yet. Expect c95-100k all in comp this year.

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CompBanker, what's your opinion? Comment below:

My data points are limited but I am not aware of any UK LMM/MM PE firms offering pay bumps. I do know that a lot are hiring, but there have been no shortage of applicants from what I can see. Over time I do expect base pay to rise in PE as the banks have seen such large increases.

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OP here. That's what I'm seeing as well. Surely they will have no choice as it just makes it so uncompetitive v banking. They being said it still trumps big 4 where a lot of them hire from.

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You hit the nail on the head. There's no incentive for these guys to raise comp if they're already getting the talent they need, especially if they're hiring from the likes of Big 4. When the pay bumps come I doubt they will be huge.

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Was my understanding that LMM associates should be expecting 75-80k base with 100% bonuses not uncommon? Surely an 80k all in salary can't attract IB associates breaking 200k

Milken13, what's your opinion? Comment below:

yes can confirm those numbers

ThrowawayLondon4321, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I'm on 130k all in at LMM UK Ass. 1, although I reckon there could be a price bump incoming for me to 160k

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