PE is paradise

Tired of these kids being like PE isn't paradise or that you won't get rich. I'm an 3rd year VP at a fund with 5 years of PE experience and 7 years of total experience. My cash comp is ~750k +- 25k. I have high single digit millions of carry admittedly only 15% vested. I'll get 75-90k (ie 10%) raises every year for 2 years until I'm up for promotion. At that point if I'm promoted comp rises to the 2-2.5m per year range plus carry more than doubles, and I'll be 34 (I'm 31). I've been given strong indications that I'm on track and I'm 1 year ahead of my class as is.

I work 55 hours a week on average outside of deal sprints and a few tougher "shoulder" weeks  ahead of deals. I manage 3 associates but am losing 1 next year but will get a senior associate to manage so more leverage. 


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Bragging about your compensation at 31 to 20 year olds on an anonymous forum is paradise.

manfromcabo, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Respect. Everyone in the comments hating is just mad. Maybe ask for some advice from a man that clearly made it.

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chihayafull, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Good shit, bro. Glad you are enjoying your life enough to post about it on an anonymous forum to counter the posts where associates are struggling with mental health. Showed them up fat, I'm proud of you.

It's not that hard to make VP. A lot of people on this forum decide they don't WANT to be a VP. What do you think "occasional deal sprints" entails? I'd say deal sprints occur a couple times a year, and end up being anywhere from 2-6 week. So that's ~3 months, or 1/4 of the year for the autists here, that you're sprinting. A lot of people find the incremental comp isn't worth the trade off because it offers very little utility beyond like ~$300K, whereas not being on sprints gives way more flexibility.

Not really hating, but just pointing out a growing shift in peoples' preferences in life. And also, 55hrs is somewhat rarer in my experience, so I would caution younger from thinking they can make $750K only working that much. 

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