Suicidal exec director + other workplace struggles

I recently joined a boutique VC firm with a low headcount. It's my first job in the industry after a short stint as a software engineer. While I find the work enjoyable and see potential for growth, I have some concerns about our Executive Director (ED) that I'd appreciate insight on. Here are the issues:

  1. The ED failed to disclose investment funding issues to LPs until he realized that he had no quick fix. Instead, he presented it as a temporary delay in allocating funds after wiring them to portfolio companies/SPVs, leading our team to think that the firm's side of transactions were in good shape, and we were just waiting for the other side of the transaction(s).
  2. The ED faced a personal crisis where he became unreachable and reportedly contemplated extreme measures. He insinuated that he was in a suicidal state, which obviously raised concerns among team members. At one point, I thought I had been the last person in the office to see the ED alive, but a couple days later, the team was back to normal operations.
  3. Several junior members of the firm, including myself, have experienced delays of 3-6 months in receiving payments. The ED assures us that we will be repaid with interest. Nonetheless, it's tough to cover living expenses for quarters at a time.
  4. There is a concerning workplace dynamic where the ED directly compares fresh grad hires to senior partners, attempting to inspire the juniors to work harder like the 15+ year veterans. However, it's being phrased in a way that makes the juniors feel like slackers and dead weight, even though it's an unfair comparison.

I'm looking for an objective perspective on whether these concerns are valid and if it's advisable to stay on board at the firm. Any insights would be appreciated.


That thing is sinking faster than the Titanic. Get out.


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