Drive Off Cliff for Bonus? Or leave money on the table for a new job...

So, I've been working for GC's the last 6 years and have been trying to get over to the development side the last year in a development associate or related role. Last 2 years have been for an Owner Builder developer on the construction side.

I'm coming to the close of a 2 year project and I'm looking at a potential bonus in a $30k range POSSIBLY but uncertain due to being behind schedule and overbudget on current project.  We've lost a lot of work, so I'm not sure I will be able to stay with the company unless I move to a different city.

I'm interviewing for a position as a development project manager at a pure developer that isn't owner builder and does all 3rd party GC.

I'm excited for the role but feel that I might have to take a pay cut to get over to the other side and potentially leave my bonus on the table.  (right now make about $140k base all in, already looking at construction roles that could pay more but long commutes, bad WLB, not the career track I want to be on)

Should I leave for the money or wait it out and see if I can get the bonus?

accept new role, (good luck btw!), just mention your bonus schedule. I think other half bonus the new employer will not wait or buyout. But the one in 2.5 months the new employer should be able to wait, especially if you say you're willing to begin HR onboarding (training videos, etc.) on your own time ahead of that 2.5 months.   

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