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How do folks targeting Associate level and above get lending/investment opportunities at larger banks? I hardly ever see these postings online, and if I do, they are for an analyst or some sort of "specialist" position. Speaking specifically for NYC.

Obviously assuming networking goes a long way here, but simply curious why you do not see "Associate, Balance Sheet Lending" or something similar at a place like Citi, MS, etc on LinkedIn and the like. I'm assuming a lot of the current Analysts step up into Associates after their stint, hence no need to advertise the position. 

Edit: I've seen investment related Associate positions for JP Morgan AM but that's likely it

Any idea on how to engage these recruiters? I'm sure they're LinkedIn is getting blasted with messages. I have also messaged and don't get many, if any, responses. Currently Work at trammel crow residential to add further context.

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Can't speak for NYC, but the RE banking/balance sheet lending world tends to be pretty small in most cities; people know each other and seem to bounce between banks fairly often (VP-level and above). So, connections are a big factor, as others mentioned. 

Another thing could be vernacular - a lot of these roles called " REB underwriter" instead of Associate and "VP, Relationship Manager Commercial Real Estate" instead of just VP RE Investments. Or, it's "Commercial Real Estate Banker" or something like that - especially at the banks that are less IB focused (Wells, B of A, US Bank, Truist, PNC, etc.). I see these roles on LinkedIn periodically.

Lastly, seconding that internal hires are generally preferred. Analyst/Associates come from prior interns or kids out of college in the Bank's rotational/training/development program. Many of them become AVP/VP's a few years later doing originations ("Relationship Management") or underwriting. At the VP-level and above, I'd say roles are split between external/internal, with external postings filling fast from connections / known contacts at other banks. I work at a Truist/USB sized bank

A lot of these roles at bulge banks followed GS’ structure where a good portion of the real estate group is employed through a third party but are still considered GS, Citi, MS, etc employee’s. These firms will recruit on behalf of the firm and hire you as a “contingent employee” You essentially get the bank title / pay but are employed through a third party payroll company who manages their own recruiting efforts for seats at the bank. Can’t say this is true for all seats but most AM roles at banks have this structure. Figure out the name of the third party employers for each of the banks and target their recruiters. Most banks are recruiting for these roles 24/7, especially now for direct lending, WH lending and any type of RE asset management roles.

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