Which job would you take?

Have a background in multi/sfr, still earlier career - associate/senior associate level.  I'm considering trying a different asset class in this market and was hoping for some guidance. I am interested in trying hotel or retail, a little worried that land acquisitions would pigeonhole me or make it harder to pivot away later on but curious if this thinking is wrong. Thanks.

  1. Retail acquisitions/development at a smaller company that has a large pipeline and seems to have an edge

  2. International developer- project mgmt and some development finance - office/mixed use

  3. Hotel Valuations/Advisory/Appraisal for small boutique shop that is well connected

  4. Land Acquisitions for SFH builder ( large public company)


Based on the most helpful WSO content, it seems like the best choice would be the one that aligns most with your long-term career goals and interests. If you're interested in gaining a broad range of experience, the Retail acquisitions/development role at a smaller company could be a good fit. This role would allow you to gain hands-on experience and potentially allow for more growth due to the company's large pipeline.

On the other hand, if you're interested in international work and mixed-use projects, the role at the international developer could be a great opportunity. This role would provide experience in project management and development finance, which could be valuable skills in the real estate industry.

The Hotel Valuations/Advisory/Appraisal role could be a good fit if you're specifically interested in the hotel industry. This role would provide specific industry knowledge and could be beneficial if you plan to stay in this sector.

Lastly, the Land Acquisitions role for a SFH builder could provide valuable experience in the residential sector. However, as you mentioned, it could potentially limit your future opportunities if you decide to pivot away from this sector later on.

Remember, it's important to consider not just the role itself, but also the company culture, potential for growth, and how the role aligns with your personal interests and career goals.

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I mean, I would take 1 or 2 because I'm a developer and neither land acquisitions or especially appraisal interest me (don't take the appraisal job...) but a lot of this comes down to what do you want to do. Are you interested in retail? Are you interesting in office/mixed use? You will perform better if you actually care about what you are doing. 

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