Most Active NYC based Real Estate / Infrastructure Firms? Looking to make a move.

Looking to get into an entrepreneurial NYC-based REPE firm that is active today and considers a variety of asset classes (bonus if infra included) - ideally on a smaller-team. I would appreciate your thoughts on companies / networking strategy. I am not based in NYC (or located near it) but have experience acquiring assets across the U.S. and Canada.

Also - outside of GloCap - are there other portals with these job postings? Haven't been in the job market for awhile.....any good recruiters?


Background Info:

4-years of experience in REPE- two years at a large firm focused on office and retail properties, and two years at a start-up specializing in multifamily, industrial, and niche alternatives (IOS, MHC, parking, lodging, marinas etc.). I am leaving my current position due to fundraising issues.

I believe I have strong experience on the investment side - built all our underwriting and development models, been directly involved in the joint venture structuring, fund management, constant lender negotiations nowadays, and fundraising.

Have also been in the nitty-gritty on the negotiating leases (incl. some nasty arbitrations), value-add construction, and general asset management (frequent site visits / handholding of third parties to get stuff done).

Would love to get into NYC as I feel I can get more national and global real estate experience there.


Based on the WSO threads, here are some strategies and resources that could be beneficial for your move into an entrepreneurial NYC-based REPE firm:

  1. Networking Strategy:

    • Leverage LinkedIn: Connect with industry professionals in NYC. Use personalized messages explaining your background and your interest in moving to NYC. Join groups related to Real Estate Private Equity and participate in discussions.
    • Attend Industry Conferences: Events like the Global Real Estate Summit NYC or MIPIM are great for meeting people from the industry. Even if you're not based in NYC, attending these events can provide valuable contacts.
    • Alumni Networks: Utilize your college or previous company's alumni network. Often, alumni are more willing to offer advice, introductions, or even job opportunities.
  2. Job Portals and Recruiters:

    • SelectLeaders: This is a job board that often lists high-quality real estate positions in major U.S. cities, including NYC.
    • Real Estate Financial Modeling (REFM): Offers job listings and is a good resource for those specifically interested in financial roles within real estate.
    • Recruiters: Besides GloCap, consider reaching out to firms like Ferguson Partners and RETS Associates. These firms specialize in real estate and might have insights or openings that align with your experience.
  3. Company Research:

    • Research Active Firms: Look into firms that are actively investing and have a strong presence in NYC. Firms like Blackstone, Tishman Speyer, and Silverstein Properties are notable names but exploring smaller, boutique firms through industry news portals like PERE (Private Equity Real Estate) or The Real Deal can uncover more entrepreneurial opportunities.
  4. Direct Applications:

    • Company Websites: Sometimes the best opportunities are listed directly on a company’s career page. Regularly check the websites of firms you are interested in.
  5. Prepare for the Move:

    • Skill Enhancement: Given your strong background, ensure your resume highlights your multifaceted experience in acquisitions, fund management, and asset management. Tailor your resume for the NYC market, emphasizing any work that had implications or connections to the NYC or broader U.S. market.
    • Market Understanding: Stay updated with NYC real estate market trends. Understanding local market dynamics can be a great talking point in interviews and networking conversations.

These strategies should provide a comprehensive approach to finding new opportunities in NYC's REPE sector. Networking and direct engagement with the market through job portals and recruiters can significantly enhance your job search efficacy.

Sources: The Real Estate Job Hunt - How are people doing?, Best Practices for Finding Lateral Opportunities, The Real Estate Job Hunt - Mid Level, Finding New Jobs, Global macro recruiting - a primer

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