Working at Greystar in Charleston?

Is anyone familiar with size, culture, comp etc. at Greystar HQ in Charleston? Mostly interested in the development side but also interested in how Greystar is structured as an organization. May be relocating down to Charleston, so any information would help!  

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Very mediocre pay, great WLB, can do nearly 4 days WFH if you're based out of Charleston (depends on your team of course, but this seems to be somewhat prevalent across a variety of teams), flat organization, supportive culture.

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What are your hours?

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I'm sure there is development activity out of the Charleston office, but most of it happens at the satellite offices (DC for the Mid-Atlantic region, SF for the NorCal market, etc.). I do development in one of the satellite offices, and while Greystar is a massive company, the development side is run like a local shop for the most part. We still go to national investment committee for major decisions but 98% of items are resolved locally. Comp and benefits are meh, partly because they run benefits for the entire company through one program, so the development/investments team is on the same program as the property management staff, despite those typically having different standards. 

WLB is definitely good for SC office, as the other Analyst mentioned they have a lot of WFH flexibility, satellite offices are more dependent on your MD, mine is M-Th in office, F from home if you want. I wouldn't really characterize it is a flat organization, but the various branches are very helpful and there is a good amount of cross collaboration which is very handy (for example, we have a finance team that covers our deal/loan closings so you can focus on the important parts of the development and stay engaged at the high level of the loan close, but don't need to get into the weeds on all the negotiations are paperwork). 

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I don't really have a ton of exposure to the Charleston office, but my understanding is it's where the Investments team and all the support staff sit (corporate finance, accounting, marketing, etc.), and then all of the higher-ups for the localized offices, so the development leads above MD and the corporate property management staff. We have a bunch of funds, the majority are in multifamily since that's our most relevant vertical, but we just closed on a logistics fund, started a credit fund, and have a large platform deal with a pension fund for life-science, so there is a good amount of work for the Investments team. 

The IC is 5 of the top dogs, though Bob Faith doesn't sit on the multifamily one regularly, he's on the life-science/international ones though. There is a whole IC team of associates and analysts, though, that review everything that gets submitted so they can filter out the basic questions and reject the bad memos. It's an interesting structure, more rigid than a family office, but less severe and friendlier than some IC horror stories I've read about. The idea is if you've actually made it to the IC you're in good shape and they won't start shooting you down out of left field. 

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