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In short, my resume is not the best as the ec I did in college was be a rush chair of my fraternity for 2 years (transferred schools for my junior/senior years). The only work experience I have is being a caddy for like 7 years and got a contractual position at Bloomberg in January after I graduated in December. My resume doesn't have much, but I think the Bloomberg name looks good and I had a pretty good GPA of 3.84 which helps. I have been studying for the GMAT for around 2.5 months and have taken one exam and scored a 635 (85% percentile). This was in the low of my range of scores (635-715 or 85-99%) for mock exams so I am not proud of it and going to retake the exam, but I was wondering if I should include it on my resume in the meantime. I also was planning on registering for the CFA L1 exam immediately after I get at least a 685 on the GMAT so I am trying to better my credentials. I'm just looking for some advice on how to make my resume stand out more and showcase my intelligence.


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