To list, or not to list, my real estate holdco?

I'm trying to break into either the Growth Equity, M&A or Private Debt space (not putting all my eggs in one basket :D).

My brother and I have a real estate holdco (50% each). To-date, we have 8 properties, with a total of 53 tenants.

My question is: Should I put this in my resume, or would having a "side business" turn off potential employers? And if I should put it in my resume, should I include a summary sheet of our holdings with some key stats in a separate sheet?

The best way to describe our roles within the company is that he is the COO/CEO, and I am the CIO. He finds properties, and I make sure they are solid investments with strong potential results. I model pre-purchase to make sure the price is fair, but also to make sure that we can significantly increase the value. Then, he executes, and I no longer stay involved with that specific property.

As an example: The first property we bought was a 7-unit for $435k, in late 2018. We optimized the property over the next few years, and in 2022 we got it appraised at $750k

Edit: Maybe some context would help. I'm trying to break into those fields, but have been in various finance roles (including private debt in real estate) for 12 years or so. Growth equity or M&A, most likely I would have to start at the bottom, as an analyst. Private Debt, given that I have done similar work, I aim for more senior roles (ideally, a role that's a mixture of deal execution and origination)

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