American Looking to do a MSc in Europe (2.5YOE)

Hello all.

I am currently a 2nd Year Trading Analyst nearing Associate promotion at a European bank working in NYC as a US citizen. I have spent the last year on a FI Trading Desk and the year prior on a Structured Products Sales desk. I went to a semi-target university in the US and studied quantitative subjects while including some additional comp sci coursework.

I am looking to make the switch to Europe. I am not currently happy with what I am doing and am also looking to make a career switch to something else in either Finance or Tech. I've began looking at Universities and have narrowed them down to a few. Before really going forward with the application process, I would like to know if these universities will be able to offer me valid and enough exit opportunities once I complete the program.

Here is a list of universities that I am looking at, with the potential of narrowing them down. Any recommendations are accepted!

  • LBS - MFin or MFA (strong connections in London)
  • HEC Paris - MIF
  • Bocconi - MFin (cheapest and in a country I would like to live in while studying)
  • LSE - MFin or MSc in Real Estate
  • Imperial - MSc Computing or MSc Mathematics and Finance
  • TUDelft - MSc Computer Science
  • St. Gallen

Additionally, I would prefer a Uni that offer a strong global presence, so in case I am unable to get a visa, I can get a job in the US. My favorite option is Bocconi, LSE, HEC, or LBS to be honest, with Bocconi being the cheapest. Any tips or information helps.




I question leaving being near associate (when I assume many more options would open up), to do a pre-experience master that will place you back at the analyst level? 

LBS MFA/MIM/MAM are MAX 2yrs experience after undergrad experience. 

Bocconi MFIN is an incredibly quantitative and challenging program. Unless you speak Italian, you'll be leaving for an english speaking country. 

I won't comment on the rest but an Mfin is a bad idea in my opinion. You should either be holding out a year or two for an MBA (LBS, INSEAD, Ox. etc) or taking a more quanty/computer science msc that places into one of those niche fields. 

Your plan needs to be re-thought out. You need a goal. For now you are just randomly applying to programs. 

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Thanks for the insight, I find your points all valid.

Regarding learning Italian, I speak Spanish and Italian is easy for me to understand and I can easily pick it up. 

I have also had the thought of a Mfin potentially being a bad idea and that I should maybe focus on something more quantitative or niche, such as "Computing" or "Mathematics and Finance" at Imperial and CS at TUDelft, which seem to be more quantitative than the rest, outside of Bocconi MFin.

I understand that most master would place me back at analyst level, but I am also using this opportunity to make a career switch to a different region and sector within either Finance or Tech. This is why I placed plenty of emphasis on finding a good program, because I need this to be worth the risk of leaving my job here in the US to pursue something I really enjoy and have wanted to do for a while. I'll have to rethink quickly given deadlines are approaching and I am taking my exams soon.


To add, Italian salaries, bad. Your bonus is probably more. 

If you're focused on the career switch, go for an MBA


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