Are Nottingham and Bristol still "solid" semi-targets?

I know this has been asked before and from what ive seen the answer is yes often cited as being the best semi targets after durham. but i spoke to an investment banker at a boutique firm and he described them as non targets and said hed sooner speak to an exeter grad for an IB role on the basis of social capital (i.e. theyre posher) is this at all true. I am asking as I am aware both universities do not have the same prestige they did 10 years ago and any light on the situation would be great.


the allocation to 'semi target' candidates will go to females and blacks first as charity hires

london and europe are in structural decline on their current trajectory and the number of IB jobs is shrinking due to automation, offshoring and consolidation. competition for entry level jobs has consequently sharply increased and like all things in life if you are not in the top quartile you are fighting for scraps


It's so funny how all these super anti-DEI people thinly veil their misogyny and racism by insinuating that black people and women are incapable of doing this (fairly easy) job and thus need to be given charity to do so when that obviously misses the entire point of DEI. 

It's also extremely ironic how the OP and the rhetoric from the boutique guy shows the kind of prejudice that made DEI a thing in the first place - Posh white guys hiring other posh white guys, for no real reason. Nothing to do with ability.


It is a well known fact banks have been using female and ethnic minority only recruitment shortlists which in of itself is discriminatory. It is ironic that if circumstances were reversed to male and white only recruitment shortlists you would still be crying misogyny and racism……


There's a reason he's a no-name boutique and not at a real bank. Clearly he's a weird, bitter man.

In case it wasn't clear: no, he is not right.

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