Bachelor: RSM, CBS, Bocconi, ESCP, ESSEC or Maastricht or WU Vienna for german student

What schools offer the best possibilities for a german national (only speaking german and English) to get a job in the city and partially Frankfurt?

I guess Frankfurt:

Wu Vienna
ESSEC (I heard their BBA is only a cash cow)


Maastricht/WU Vienna

However, I thought that not speaking the native language at Bocconi/CBS/ESSEC/ESCP/RSM would significantly decrease your chances from getting an offer, is this true?

Why do you not consider attending German business schools? Studying at WHU, Mannheim, EBS (less now than in former years) as well as at Frankfurt School/ Goethe University will all place at least as good in Frankfurt as the ones you mentioned with WHU, Mannheim and EBS also being target schools for London in the German speaking region. Also take a look at St. Gallen, which is highly regarded in both Frankfurt and London. Bocconi, as you implied, is definitely a target for London and will also decently place you into Frankfurt.

I don't need to speak the language? I never heard that before Regarding the other german schools, I'm still applying but there are my safeties. Also, I heard that Bocconi mainly places after the master since it's common in Italy to pursue your masters before you try to break into a career. I expected the same would be true for international offices.

Best Response

Are you referring to speaking the language to be admitted to the program or to get job offers? If you're referring to the former then no, you don't need to be fluent in the language. If you're referring to the latter, it highly depends on the firm you're applying to. Jefferies Frankfurt hired people who did not speak german as analysts in the past, for instance.DB did as well, I believe, but on the Associate level (in Frankfurt, too).

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Again I think this really case by case. I have a buddy who went to SSE (he's German) and started his career in M&A (now PE) in Stockholm. He also made an effort to learn Swedish (was nowhere close to business proficient by the time he started his first job), but he also had a Swedish girlfriend, which probably helped to learn the language quicker.

Besides that I've seen non-Italian speaker get jobs in Milan, but usually not with big banks or big consultancies but more boutique stuff.

I'm talking about liquid. Rich enough to have your own jet. Rich enough not to waste time. Fifty, a hundred million dollars, buddy. A player. Or nothing. See my Blog & AMA

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